Sunday, August 27, 2006



Wedding Party

Was invited by my colleague Mr.B to his wedding party yesterday night. The folks dance was going round and round, with synchronized dance steps in pace with music, was fun!

Organizing party is a tiring assignment to me. Mom always said, if W is on the list, X has to be invited (should not be offended); Y is very close to us, his whole family should come along; Z is the respectful elder in our family clan etc. So end up, the party would be crammed with half a thousand guests.

If I would have my wedding party someday, I would only invite controllable crowd and those I know well, ensure that all my guests will be taken care of and no one is neglected. A feast is not necessary at all.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


TP gave me some comments on my webpage today. Spontaneously I gave many "excuses", not awaring of my explanations would portrait defensive cum irresponsible attitude to the other person. He reminded me aptly and made me discovering my own subconcious.

Ridiculously I used to complain my colleagues for not executing their tasks seriously but feeding me various reasons. In fact, I'm not better than them.

The Chinese proverb says, 己所不欲,勿施於人

Thank you TP.


Went to see the dermatologist this afternoon. The skin problem has been persisting since years. For my 1st visit last week, I paid Euro 6 as consultation fees; and today I paid only Euro 1. Incredibly cheap!!! It would have cost at least 10 times more in my country.... "What" makes the difference?

My Own Blog

Have finally made the decision to have my own blog. No specific reason for it, maybe I just want to voice out my opinion and emotion, or probably I'm feeling lonely in the country doesn't belong to me...