Saturday, March 27, 2010

Buying House

Sis has made up her mind, with the nod of mom, to look for a new house in KL. She asks me to share buying a new unit, of course I would contribute the bigger part.

She has been searching around for a month, considering factors of convenience, safety, low density, a landed properties etc, in KL, this wouldn’t come cheaper than 200TEUR. I realize that if we don’t buy it now, the price would be rocketing beyond the pace of salary increment and inflation. On the other hand I do not wish to apply hefty loan as I always oppose to “work” for the bank by paying the high interest of 6%-7%.

This would be the main task after finishing my work in Rwanda.

French Lesson

Eventually I have accomplished the French course – Level Beginner 1. The size of the class reduced from the beginning 9 students down to 6 after 2 months. It was fun indeed, atmosphere was good. This language itself is so complicated with lots of rules and exceptions. It is distressing for a person like me who hates memorize all stuffs by hard.

We had a dinner at Chinese Restaurant yesterday, to thank our teacher Angelique. Was a nice gathering, an occasion of cultural exchange. It was interesting to observe personalities from different corners of the world.

Am looking forward to proceed with next Level in mid Apr.

picture: Tobias (German), Teoh (Malaysian), Angelique (Rwandaise), Carlos (Spanish) & Harriet (Kenyan).

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Euro Zone

Addressing the economy crisis of Greece, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there should be mechanisms to allow for the expulsion from the Euro Zone of countries who repeatedly flout fiscal rules. This clause has to be added on the treaty.

I thought this was already a mandatory condition on the EU foundation? Didn’t those regulation enactors have in mind of such cases might happen? Did they really think EU concept was flawless and each member could develop abreast with Germany or France? Or EU was a humanitarian organization?

EU couldn’t afford to salvage the heavy debt ridden members, which in turn will drag down the overall economy. The statement of Merkel definitely doesn’t please some members. She is right. Instead of sinking together, let the poorly performed members re-organizing themselves and assist them as necessary.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exclusive Interview President Kagame

CNN broadcasted an exclusive interview with Rwandan President Paul Kagame. The questions of Amanpour focused on the alleged unequalled political rights, genocide, press freedom etc. all sort of “prejudiced” opinions from the outside world. President Kagame tried to give a clear statement of his country’s status quo, I doubt most of the audiences would be convinced. Indeed this is a rather safe country to live in, otherwise UN wouldn’t plan to shift its regional head quarter to this country.

Amanpour asked, does reconciliation (after 1994 genocide) need an authoritarian hand? President Kigame didn’t provide a straight answer, said a clear mind is needed. My opinion is – DEFINITELY. In fact the incumbent government is trying hard to impose a disciplined and fairly democratic system. I believed all poor and underdeveloped countries need strong hands to keep the nation integrated and functioning.

Repeatedly President Kagame advised the host not to judge certain issue based on the statement of a handful people, the voices of the 11 million should be listened instead. I think he was too diplomatic to tell Amanpour to do her homework before accusing blindly the country’s policies.

The interview was too short to address the problems in the country. I think it’s rather an advertisement of Rwanda to clear misconceptions to foreign countries.

Sunday, March 14, 2010




Boring Oscar

I watched the Oscar some days ago. After finishing the show, I realized that for what I wasted my time watching this senseless award presentation event? People talked the same things every year – thank so and so, a wonderful team, excellent script… boring? I don’t know who is who, but I just appreciate good movies. No doubt The Hurt Locker and Avatar are excellent, the foreign movie Un Prophete is good too… Up In The Air, The Blind Side are good to kill time… I need Oscar to tell me which movies are worth for watching.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Foreign Labours

Malaysia imported lots of foreign labours for the jobs they dislike to involve in, mainly the construction and plantation industries, and restaurant service sector. In the early stage, our narrow minded government opened the market mostly to Indonesians because of religion sake. After some years of residency, these immigrants were given a PR status, followed by citizenship. This was the tactic to increase the percentage of Muslim in Malaysia within the shortest period so to weigh up the political influence. Comparatively, other countries offered citizenship to the brilliant mind so to improve the quality of the country, but our stupid politicians apparently had no such vision.

The economy downturn and fear of terrorism have forced several European countries tightening their immigrant policy. The elimination of African illegal immigrants in southern Italy, the ban of burqa in France, and the prohibition of constructing minarets in Netherland have triggered protests.


I spent a night in Bangkok before flying back to Kigali. First of all, I still don’t like the new airport. It is further out from the city, less organized, looks like a huge factory storage.

Bangkok city center especially Silom area has more mega size shopping malls sprouting. As usual, I have visited the famous 4-faced Buddha beside Erawan Hotel. Delicious foods can be found easily. The nightlife at Patpong was lively as usual, every 20m someone would approach and offer me various kind of “entertainment”… well, this is Patpong especially when you are a bachelor strolling alone in the area… ha ha…

Bombs in Kigali

Alert! 6 bombing cases within 2 weeks in Kigali, stirring panic in the city. Grenades were thrown in various spots, the latest was into a public transport. The victims suffered light injuries, news reported. No one claimed to be responsible for the crimes. Speculation said the act was to destabilize the politics and thus influence the coming national election in Aug. Seems that these bombs were just a warning, otherwise a greater destructive explosive would be detonated.

Chinese New Year Vacation

Back to work now after spending 2 weeks Chinese New Year vacation at home. Since this trip was not planned and most of my friends were not informed, basically I spent mostly on eating and sleeping and babysitting my niece and nephews. Have gained some weight swiftly which I had tried hard to get rid off in the past months.