Friday, October 31, 2008

Losing Confidence

Was a little disappointed that the pressure from the opposition party is diminishing lately to exert greater pressure to the government.

The outcry to overthrow the incumbent government has forced the present Prime Minister to announce his stepping down in the next election, and his successor would be the present Deputy Prime Minister, Najib, if nothing goes wrong.

The recent statement of Najib has placed his political stand is parallel with the main opposition party leader Anwar, of which they both announce the present advantages enjoyed by the Malay and the New Economy Policy which is said harboring the cronies of the politicians have to be liberated gradually.

Najib’s announcement has been deciphered in mixed reviews. Some said his action is governed by expediency, to save the losing votes and halt the threat from Anwar in this very moment. While the optimistic comment is that Najib has foreseen the urgency to integrate the citizens of all races. The 2nd comment definitely won’t please the fanatic groups. Personally I don’t believe this idea would be realized too, considering the present political structure is more racial orientated rather than the benefit of the country.

The delayed action of Anwar to oust the government has granted the ruling party sufficient time to re-position themselves and exert different strategies to counter the attacks, it has also shaken the confidence and faith of the middle voters.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Formula 1 – Superb Ideas!

I’m not a big fan of Formula 1, but just enjoy the crowd when making jokes with colleagues. There is not a team or driver I like particularly. Since most of the people support Ferrari and Schumi (ok, he has retired), naturally I have to support the opponent to demise the red team spirit. Good that Hamilton (McLaren team) is leading by 7 points on the driver championship now.

I couldn’t figure out how F1 hypnotize the diehard. It’s not a sport in my opinion, just a driving race circling the circuit for 50ish rounds. I do agree the drivers need extreme high concentration… what else? The same title and function, the F1 driver could earn astronomical figure, while the ordinary taxi and bus drivers are making pitiful.

After watching Malaysia has the first F1 circuit in South East Asia, of course Singapore “must” also have one with a good idea of night race. I felt like being cheated by Singapore F1 organizer. Why? They advertise “night race”, I was expecting the race should be run in pitch black environment… that would be damn exciting! In fact the street race was brightened up like day time.

I wish any Africa country would organize a safari race in future… imagine a school of elephants cross the track, the cheetah or leopard jumping out suddenly biting off the hands, chasing by the raged buffaloes… hmm… exciting… more exciting than rollercoaster.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


On 04-Oct-08, we arranged a gathering for all of our staffs in a local restaurant. It was fun… of course after some drinks it was getting wilder… Unexpectedly a journalist from local tabloid came in and made a short brief interview. This is the report…


The team of Mr.Hans-Dieter Spiegel from company SAG chose to chill out at Pizzeria “Bordeaux”. The representatives of the management personnel who are coming from different places all over the world were noisy and happy and they have proved that who can work hard also can have a glorious fun.

Teoh from Malaysia was the attraction of the party with the complicated steps and movements on the dance floor. For him they say that he is the brain of the German company. He is not married and he is looking for a Kyustendil girl who will fascinate his tender soul.

Bart from Scotland in a distinguished way gentlemanly made advances to the female attendance of the table.

The owner of the elite restaurant Emiliyan Angelov was looking for the comfort of his elite guests in a skilfull and professional way.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

USD 700bn Rescue Plan

So excited to watch the live telecast of the US House of Representatives voting on the USD 700bn financial rescue plan to the ailing financial sector. Apparently the proposal didn’t convince 1/3 of the congressmen. Somehow the majority has the opinion that measures have to be taken to cease the deteriorating US economy, which threatening globally.

Guess the published economy statistics this week have deepened the worries of some congressmen. Dropping of payrolls, home sales continue diving, climbing of unemployment etc have definitely persuaded some voters shifting their stands.

In fact no one could tell if this astronomical figure is sufficient to revive the teetering economy. I was expecting the US share market would leap high immediately when the news announced. It wasn’t, but pointing downwards? I couldn’t understand why.

Personally I doubt this decision would improve the status quo, I do think it would ease the breath of financial institutes. But how long would the effect last? The speculators would be please to learn that fresh capital to be injected into the market and it’s a great opportunity to gain fast money again.

What I hope is… the share market would stabilize to save my investment.