Monday, December 31, 2007

Taman Negara

I changed my traveling plan, abandoned both Taiwan and Nepal trips but heading to the Taman Negara (National Park) in my country. This world’s oldest rainforest sounds mysterious. I was carrying much hope to enjoy myself but it turned out disappointing instead. The programs organized by the agent are suck, far too short to explore/ experience the charm of the nature. These standard packages are not eye-opening at all, rather bored. They are over commercialized, trails have been seriously rampaged and not one monkey is seen. The guide didn’t provide professional knowledge to help understanding the rainforest better.

Reluctant to leave the NP with disappointment, I extended another day in the park and explore the trails less traveled by the “ordinary” tourists. It was much much better… Trekking in the forest, mostly alone, enveloped in the shades of trees, hoping to catch a glimpse of tiger or bear (I know the chance was meager)… a mixture of scary yet excitement… wonderful though tiring. The time was too short to venture into the deep forest, have only encountered a hoard of wild boars walking pass, buried their nose digging for food; colourful chickens hiding alertly among the branches… again, no monkey…

Some native tribes are still residing in the forest, practicing the primitive life style. Mostly close to the river, sheltering under palm leaf huts, living in poor hygienic environment, hunting and fishing are their source of foods, no cannibal.

I would love to visit again this NP, but to make a longer trek into inner jungle.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Credit Card

I purchased a few small items from United Colours of Benetton (in Sofia), and presented my credit card to the cashier. He scrutinized my card and asked for my passport to confirm my identity. I felt offended on the spot and confronted him for what good sake was that. Never had I experienced before anywhere else. I was using it to pay for the mere Eur 26! I would be insulating myself if I had to cheat for this amount?


Watched newly released movie Hit Man on Sunday, it is just good enough to kill time. Somehow I felt like being cheated by the movie foolishly. The story was running mainly around St. Petersburg, instead most of the scenes were shot in Sofia. Goshhhh… the director must be thinking all audiences are stupid. Sofia's biggest church, shopping mall and railway station couldn't be mistaken.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Flying Home

Though the visa is not ready yet, but I have purchased an air-ticket to fly home on Monday. Hope the exit process is smooth. Keeping my finger crossed.

Due to the tight and unavailability of the flight schedule, the earliest flight return will be on 15-Jan-08… not bad after all (hehe)… long vacation... So, am starting to plan a trip traveling somewhere this year end, most probably to Taiwan or Nepal, but couldn’t decide which is better. I prefer Nepal but the bitter winter scares me off… Taiwan's climate would be much more pleasant but I do not know what else are interesting other than the National Palace Museum.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

More Rallies

Shortly after the BERSIH Rally held on 10-Nov-07 to campaign for electoral reform, another HINDRAF Rally was organized by the suppressed Hindu Community on 25-Nov-07 to voice out their dissatisfaction. 3 leaders were arrested and charged under the Sedition Act.

Malaysian prime minister obviously felt shaky and uneasy, sternly warned that the government will use the notorious
ISA (Internal Security Act) on the demonstrator if needed. The government controlled media sharply criticized the HINDRAF Rally, the spokesman publicly referred the protestors as thugs. One clever politician said rally is not Malaysia culture. Idiotic talk!

Another 3 massive rallies are planned to show up in Dec. These waves would be getting stronger each time. Guess the recent rallies have brought Malaysian to international attention. I don't believe/ expect the government would change anything which may jeopardize their privileges and benefits. I guess they would speed up to consolidate their political supremacy so to eliminate any opposition for good.