Friday, April 13, 2007


Watched these movies recently, though not exceptionally excellent but all worth the movie ticket.

The Pursuit of Happyness – A dramatized true story of Chris Gardner's struggle (Will Smith) before becoming a successful broker. The predictable storyline is no excitement. Will Smith and the kid actor deserve the credit, no overacting. The last scene when he deemed having pursued the happiness was contagious.

300 – A movie composed mainly by computer graphics. Naturally I tried to relate it with LOTR, but the latter is grander and the story is more solid. The comic-like movie is deviating far from sense and reality, largely served for visual entertainment, I could hardly recall it after 1 hr.

Blood Diamond – A piece of pink raw diamond triggered the greediness of everyone. Though I'm not a fan of Leonardo, I have to admit that he is a good actor. His African-English accent sounds familiar to me. The movie is trying to convince us the existence and brutality of children soldier in Africa. Curious if this is the real event, or just common dramatic exaggeration for "movie" sake.

Perfume: The Story of A Murderer – Another non-sensible story. Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, a guy with extraordinary sense of smell and magical ability to produce best perfumes ever. To him, the natural body scent of the virgin young lady seems to be the best fragrance. The ultimate perfume possessed power to provoke love (and losing mind…) The ending was unpredictable.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Blogs Registration

The following article is extracted from Reporters Without Borders.

…… in order to prevent the spread of “negative or malicious content,” bloggers will soon have to register with the government.

While claiming they do not intend to censor bloggers, they have warned that bloggers are not above the law when they “disturb peace and harmony” in Malaysia.

“This measure could jeopardise online free expression,” Reporters Without Borders said. “It could push many bloggers to opt for anonymity or censor themselves out of fear of reprisals. The deputy minister’s statement once again demonstrates the government’s desire to exercise improper control over the online flow of information inside Malaysia. The obligatory registering of blogs is a measure that so far has only been adopted by countries such as China that violate Internet users’ rights.”


The government has expressed their worry over the freedom of public info distribution on the internet, citing that the irresponsible rumours on the net have caused unnecessary chaos aiming to shatter the social integrity / stability. Considering the major multimedia channels are controlled by the politicians, only the filtered info in favour to the concerned is published. Ordinary citizens were fed with decorated news and are discouraged to pursue the facts.

The progressive IT enables the information distributed efficiently and widely bypassing the conventional censorship board. I believe some accusations are not groundless. The bloggers are acting as watchdog to force greater transparency of the governmental operations. Sadly this term has been abused by our law enforcers (politicians) traditionally.

The recent governmental high level corruption issues are among the investigations triggered by the bloggers. The official response is ambiguous and intentionally noncommittal. How much do we expect our government would do to unearth the deep rooted issue, since the head of the Anti Corruption Agency is being accused of corrupted??!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Received this message from someone today...
"Nothing in this world is IMPOSSIBLE... coz' the word IMPOSSIBLE itself says I M POSSIBLE."