Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Had a casual chat with friend K, we talked about the politics and corruptions that commonly exist in the works. Unexpectedly he commented that I should take the chance if someone offers me “gift” for some favours, provided that it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Principally I despise such deal.

An ex-colleague once said, “Everyone has a price.” Would I lose my conscience if someone offers me a very attractive amount that permits me retiring soon? I couldn’t give the answer right now… I think this probably would not happen as those bosses in higher management are more enthusiastic to handle the deal themselves.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

As Usual…

As usual, all the good news and bad news happened in the past year were pouring in, to keep me informed of the life changed in my family and relatives. I’m trying to avoid the bad news, because it won’t make me feel good and I’m helpless sometimes…

As usual, money seems to be a crucial element in life. Sisters are working hard to strive for higher earning for family sake. Glad to know that their babies give them more pleasure than anything else. This commitment will be too stressful to me…

As usual, mom and sis again plan to introduce girlfriends to me, the “target” is a Japanese lady this time.

As usual, I feel bored to stay at home… start planning where to escape for a couple of days… Beach? Diving? National park?...

14-Feb-07 Scenes at Skopje’s Alexander The Great Airport

- A small boy was screaming loud when the airport security instructed the mother to remove the toy pistol from his baby knapsack.

- A mother with 3 young kids came to the waiting hall. She broke down and wept, barely caught anyone else attention. From her muddy PVC shoes, simple hairdo and inexpensive clothing, I could figure out her living background. The eldest daughter has a bunch of beautiful curly long blond hair and the 2 younger sons are wearing energetic handsome boyish look with big blue eyes. Their shirts are clean and the nails are tidy. They behaved well and never upset other passengers. I stared at the blue eyes, was thinking possibly my kids would have the same if I marry a Caucasian?

p/s: It’s Valentine’s Day but found no one on the plane to flirt with.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Hectic work occupied the full past week, tried the utmost to clear off some pending issues and handed over some tasks to my colleagues. I should have delegated the assignments earlier for them to have more hands-on practice with my supervision. Quite doubtful if they could handle the assignments well.

The secretary would probably lose my support during my coming 3-week vacation, hope this pressure would give her good experience to be more independent.

Going Home Soon

Will be travelling back home next Wednesday for Chinese New Year. It has been almost a year since last playing with my chubby twin-nephews. To my family and friends, I’m just like a tourist visiting them routinely, tops 3 weeks a year. While I see the baby faces metamorphose yearly, probably they would in return observe more grey hair is growing wild on my skull. I’m grateful to my brother sisters for taking care of the family, so to lift my worry while working abroad.

Thursday, February 08, 2007



Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oral Surgical Plan

Had another sleepless night, the pain was torturing. I almost couldn’t recognize me in the mirror, the upper lip was heavily swollen (the moral of this case is that if I will ever consider performing plastic surgery, lips thickening definitely won’t make me looking good).

The very first thing done in this morning was to rush for x-ray screening, it shows serious infection on my front tooth where root canal was done 25 yrs ago, fractures and spots of pus were seen. The dentist extracted 5ml pus from the gum without anaesthetic - PAIN PAIN PAIN! The pulsing made me weak. He lays out an operation plan for me... quite simple - remove the 2 crowns of both front teeth (because the roots are broken), then root-canal 2 teeth on the left and right side respectively. ONLY 6 teeth are involved. It is hair pricking to hear this plan... cost around Euro 500. Well, money has to be paid anyway, but the procedure would take weeks... imagine the pain to suffer…

Based on the distinct smell, I judged the clinic was well disinfected. But I could see a layer of dust rest on the tray and dental chair. If this basic cleanliness is not taken care of, how could I expect the dentist would look into very fine details of his works?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

North Korea's Dictator

The newspaper reported recently that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il‘s eldest son – Kim Jong Nam has for the past three years lived in Macau. He has been seen staying in the 5-star hotel, gambling in casinos and dining in restaurants. His lifestyle is extremely luxurious compared to the poor economy of the last communist country on earth. Yet we heard the news of famine and starvation occasionally suffered by its people while President Kim thinks nuclear weapon would lead North Korea to achieve better development. Idiot!

His dictatorship is only benefiting himself. He isolates the country from the world. If the public has access to the free info available on the internet, this government will for sure be toppled.


The toothache bothered me since yesterday, two at the same time – front tooth and a molar. The pain killer could barely relieve the pain for a couple of hours, and the irritating pain creeping back again and again. It’s persisting though not extreme, but kept me awake throughout the night and distracted my concentration.

The dentist said I’m having gum infection, but he wouldn’t do anything before examining the x-ray film. I have to rush for an x-ray screening early tomorrow. Guess tonight would be another sleepless night.