Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Hussein – Execution

I don’t understand why the execution moment of Saddam was recorded and circulated to all media. Do they mean to set up an “educative” warning to the world? The news is no doubt sensational but this broadcast would certainly heighten the anger of fanatic supporters in the Arab world… more hatred…

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein was hanged today for his infamous crimes, the end of a notorious dictator.

During his reigning era from 1979-2003, he stunned the world by initiating
Iran-Iraq War in Sep 1980 that last for 8 years, genocide in the killings of Kurds during the Anfal campaign against Kurdish rebels, and invading Kuwait in 1990 for accusing the latter illegally slant-drilling petroleum across Iraq’s border.

Today is the beginning of religious holidays for
Eid al-Adha, one of the holiest dates of the Muslim year. It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence but a deliberate choice, maybe they’re hoping that the festival would divert the concentration of the Arab world and minimize the backlash from Sunni insurgents. On the contrary, the jubilant Shi’a, oppressed under Saddam, was celebrating the news (the image below – from Wikipedia - shows the distribution of both Muslim sects).

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Babel means a state of confusion caused by many people talking at the same time or using different languages.
The movie is comprised of four stories.

1- Two Moroccan boys shot an American tourist accidentally while testing the newly bought rifle. The elder was killed by the police on their escape.

2- No proper facilities to save the wounded tourist, and the couples were abandoned by other selfish frightened companions in a desert village.

3- A Mexican nanny was desperate to bring her two baby-sit kids out of the desert. She was arrested and deported subsequently though she has been considering the States as her home after 16 years of living.

4- A mute-deaf Japanese teen girl was upset to be a virgin. She was looking for love and her initiative to seduce men failed repeatedly.

The director weaved the stories and presented in stark culture contrast among each other, but sharing a common ground – undesirable ill fate. It’s slightly heavy, lack of commercial element, but flowing smooth. Recommended.

Sunday, December 24, 2006







Saturday, December 23, 2006



A Day Trip to Skopje

Travelled to Skopje (capital of Macedonia) to apply my Bulgarian visa yesterday. It is ridiculous that I must apply the visa abroad though I’m currently staying in this country. To make it more fun, I received my work permit 8 months after my first application, the bureaucratic process is tedious.

At the Bulgarian custom - border to Macedonia, my finger prints and photo were taken (like fugitive) for profile record. I was ordered to sign a Bulgarian language statement (no one translated to me and I couldn’t understand at all), confirming that I have no objection to be penalized for overstaying in the country. The decree will be given later.

The roads beyond the custom authority of both countries are well paved, but the 50m potholed zone between the 2 offices is an eyesore. A tiny duty free shop is available, selling only liquor, tobacco and perfume.

Skopje is smaller than
Sofia (capital of Bulgaria). In general, the roads are narrower, drivers are less disciplined than Bulgarians, insufficient parking place, more Islamic mosques in the city…

There was a long queue in front of Bulgarian Embassy, guess these Macedonians were hurrying for last minute visa application. Note: The diplomacy status between the 2 countries will be changed when Bulgaria will join EU on 01-Jan-07. Till end of this year, both countries’ citizens could travel freely without visa.

Unfortunately visa section was closed at 12:00pm. Thanks to my colleague’s relentless effort, the Ambassador granted special permission to process my application. The gentleman is polite and helpful.

We took a taxi, but was charged €5 for a couple of km distance, obviously we were slaughtered. A friend said it should cost €1 only!!! Shit! We have to learn from experience.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dr.M vs. Soros

Hint 1:
During the
1997 Asian Financial Crisis, former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr.M accused the hedge fund speculation was the culprit that destroying the economy structure in the region. He pointed straight to the massive Quantum Fund managed by Hungarian born George Soros who strongly condemned Dr.M’s policy to impose capital control that against free market concept. Dr.M once referred him a “moron”.

Hint 2:
Dr.M has obviously lost his former cronies’ support politically since he handed over the Prime Minister post to his handpicked successor – Abdullah Badawi in 2003. He recently expressed his disapproval and criticized the new leader abandoning some mega projects which he had been laying out deliberately during his era. Ironically, the once highly respectful Dr.M was attacked by pepper spray as he prepared to address an assembly in July.

A meeting has been held between Dr.M and Soros on 15-Dec, the agendas were not disclosed. Dr.M said it was his “mistake” to accuse Soros for the financial crisis. What could we relate the cooperation of these 2 strongmen with? Another political / financial ploy? A hint of Dr.M’s resurrection? Those betrayer cronies, watch out now!

Another political upheaval is brewing…

Monetary Control – Lifted!

Thailand made an emergency lifting of its monetary control which has just been freshly imposed 2 days ago. The said measure has caused Stock Exchange of Thailand lost 800 billion Baht in value - the largest one-day drop in its 31-year history.

The initial idea is to relieve the pressure of Thai Baht appreciation against USD recently, worrying that strong currency would jeopardize export of the country. They decided that the short term hot money speculations to be curbed. Thai Finance Minister admitted the authorities have underestimated the impact caused.

In fact the regional stock markets and currencies have gained weight too fast in the past 2 months – 15%! The bullish stock market drives everyone crazy, quite irrational in my opinion. Thought the unexpected blow would cool down the fever lightly, instead the market recomposed swiftly after the curb lifting announcement is made. The whole region is again overwhelmed by the “prosperous” sentiment. Hope this is not a flash in the pan.

Thailand has much to do to soothe and mend the shaken faith of foreign investors.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Monetary Control

The regional stock markets of South East Asia fell sharply today after the unexpected announcement of capital controls to curb speculation on the Baht by the Bank of Thailand. The “harsh” measure caught lots of foreign investors off-guard. Does Bangkok sense that another bout of monetary crisis is brewing in the region?

1997 Crisis destroyed the emerging countries’ economy utterly a decade ago. The miracle of economy achievement evaporated, the speculators (hedge fund) mercilessly vacuumed billions of hard-earned savings out of the region, while foreign companies desperately retreating their investments to safe havens. Malaysian Ringgit, Thai Bhat, Philippines Peso, Korean Won had devalued almost 45%, and 75% to Indonesian Rupiah.

Prior to the catastrophe,
International Monetary Fund (IMF) encouraged developing countries liberalizing financial sector i.e. eliminating restriction on capital flows. They again stepped in hypocritically offering assistance in the aftermath. People in retrospect believe that the well coordinated manipulation of currencies was a deliberate attempt to destabilize the region economies, and I believe IMF is the mastermind of this ploy.

Plenty of proposals and packages were presented to help reforming the vulnerable economy, targeted to push the governments to sell off the key assets e.g. bank, electric, water etc, of course cheaply. For instance,
- Indonesia to sell off part of PT Bank Central Asia, Indonesia's largest retail bank
- Korean Daewoo Motors was sold off to American General Motors

Malaysia surprised the world for not accepting any advice from IMF but imposing series of monetary control. Tons of furious critics against the same, saying this act would lead Malaysia economy to bog down further. The years passed and this tactic convinced and proved to the rest of its success.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Updated Microsoft Internet Explorer to version 7 yesterday. What a disaster! Everything went slow… certificates didn’t work… and found some negative comments on the internet. So, I uninstalled it immediately. Wasted my time.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I come across this nice Thai movie from Teddy’s Blog. It illustrates the friendship fostered between a student and a ghost – another student died in an accident years ago in the same school. The story is touching and the two handsome child actors deserved the credit. I like it, recommended.

Aliens (3)

During the trip to Egypt years ago, the tour guide explained that no one knows how the Giza pyramids were built because no written records was found, the knowledge was taught and imparted verbally from father to sons. This explanation does not convince me. The Giza pyramids (image taken from Lonely Planet) are so huge and constructed with precise technology, archaeologists presume hundred of thousands workers were needed to accomplish this sophisticated project. I can’t believe not single record is preserved. Could it be the aliens were involved? Like the mysterious crop circles?

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Aliens (2)

The aliens are always depicted with wrinkled skin, slim limps, big head but with tiny nose, small mouth… perhaps this image is based on imagination, or from the “witness”, it does have scientific logic.

The modern technology helps people mobilizing from a place to another conveniently, powerful robots and machines are invented to replace manpower, almost all the works are done by computers… in short, people is working less physically. It wouldn’t be surprise that the future generation no longer needs muscle, but just a bigger brain / head to think and manipulate the computers.

The pollution would be so severe then that the air is corrosive, therefore the wrinkled skin is evolved. Foods are all genetically mutated to grow fast to meet the consumption of expanded population. Possibly easy digestive nutrition substitution is created, teeth are no longer required.

With the tendency nowadays of slim = beauty, this could be the future look of human being.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Aliens (1)

I believe in extraterrestrials living in the outer space. Among the uncountable stars and planets in the universe, there must be many more planets that suitable for living creatures, even if they could be light years away. Our present knowledge and technology are too meagre to understand and explore the universe.

Space travelling has been commercialized lately but exclusive for the super rich people. Sooner or later it would become popular when the technology is more mature and economic. I wish this would be realized before the end of my life.

It is worrisome to see some countries abuse the technology and race to develop weapon of mass destruction. Possibly the earth would be destroyed earlier than it should be.

Friday, December 15, 2006

思乡 / Homesick


Feeling mildly homesick, couldn’t tell the exact reason. Perhaps frustrated over problematic project? Or could be missing family’s care when I was ill recently? Maybe because of not able to plan a trip back home due to visa issue while watching others cheerfully planning their Xmas vacation?

Thursday, December 14, 2006


The chaotic politics is soaring lately, was never so intense in the past. Does it mean the public has more freedom to express their opinions nowadays? Hell no way!

The Neptune encourages all fishes to voice out their constructive opinions to help solving the problem. Unfortunately it turns out to be another blah blah blah as majority politicians, when the benefit of particular group (i.e. the sharks) is concerned.

Somehow several politicians were “encouraged” boldly and sneaking chances to blare their racist motto in the most important assembly of ocean’s largest political party. It was broadcasted live. The irresponsible speeches undermine the fragile social structures. Worse, the Neptune did not halt the speeches promptly but allowed the sharks barking furiously.

The small fishes were shattered, and protested. Reluctantly, to pacify the anger of the rest, the Neptune summoned the racist sharks and “advised” them accordingly, no punishment was placed. This will definitely set up a precedent for other sharks to follow…

Years ago our Marine Committee boycotted and strongly condemned the inhuman apartheid political system in other coral reef. This trace is obviously and openly fostered on our own reef.

Unfortunately the Neptune was not elected publicly, the chief of the sharks is nominated to lead the ocean automatically.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006




Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dan Brown’s Novels

Quite disappointed after watching movie “The DaVinci Code” yesterday. It is less intense compared to the page-turner novel, perhaps I was expecting too much. Sure it is no easy task to condense every single detail on the masterpiece into the 2-hr movie. Lastly, I think Tom Hanks doesn’t fit the character.

“Angels and Demons” is another great novel of Dan Brown though the story is not realistic. I enjoy the way Dan Brown integrates the history, myth and existing structures. It triggers my interest to visit Vatican.

“Digital Fortress” is not impressive comparatively, the storyline is weak.