Monday, August 20, 2007

Job Offer

Ex-employer contacted me 2 days ago offering me a job in Tanzania for better employment conditions. Frankly I long to visit this country mainly because of safari and the culture. I brought up this issue to my immediate superior and friends, detailing the situation. Their common advice is "decide yourself". I reckon my resignation would disappoint my colleagues, and may tarnish my reputation being a freelancer. On the other hand there is no negative internal factor from my present employer that I could excuse myself. As yet I'm still insisting on "personal loyalty" to my present employer, but a friend warned / advised me otherwise.

After Work

Lingering at bar with a colleague has become my routine lately. It is relaxing to stay away from my computer and e-mails. Used to have a couple of beer each time, with a plate of snack, a few nonsense chat exchange with the bartender…and smoking cigarillo, simply for fun.

2nd Letter From My Sponsored Kid

It has been quite some time since I received the first letter from my sponsored kid on 05-Jul-07. Instead I'm too lazy to reply message to him. Unexpectedly I received 2nd letter from him yesterday. Immediately I spared my time to compose a letter. He said he will study English this semester, I would like to send him some books but I couldn't find any in this small town. Will try to ask some friends around…


My brain was in the state of mess in the past weeks. The hectic work has drained out my energy largely, coupled with family's problem, just do not have time and mood to think about posting article to this blog. Hope I could clean up the pile of doc on my desk within the next 2 weeks

Thursday, August 02, 2007