Saturday, June 26, 2010


Had farewell dinners with colleagues and friends almost daily in the past week. Appreciate the friends I met here, a good memory to carry back home. 4 days left! Glad to leave this project, never I had worked in such chaotic situation. Looking back, it is somehow a precious experience (though not pleasant) about dealing with people and office politics. I learn better how to do organize my work next.

Thursday, June 24, 2010



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Death of EURO?

Recently many European countries introduced austerity measures to curb the deficit. More and more opinions suggest Greece would default their debts and leave EURO zone, Spain and Portugal’s prospect look grim too. The weary economy is devastating.

Germany and France taxpayers definitely wouldn’t be pleased to see their hard earn money go to other people’s pocket. I guess not long from now the voices of re-introducing German Mark and French Franc will start echoing.

FIFA World Cup Fever

Soccer is not my sport, this World Cup doesn’t trigger my mood either. People exclaimed the spectacular opening ceremony worth to see… do you really think it was great? I mean compared to Beijing’s Olympic opening ceremony, hmm… The performance of R.Kelly made me sick. There are so many talented African singers in the world, why him? He was accused of having sexual relationship with the minors and was arrested on child pornography charges, though were all dropped eventually. I don’t believe he is clean. Why the organizer picked a “mental unhealthy” artist to perform in this sport event?

When he sings “I believe I can fly” probably he really thinks he is above the law?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cost Saving Haven

The highly qualified yet low labour cost factors in China have had become the investment magnet in the past decade. The recent salary adjustment announcement of Honda (+24%) indicated that the workforce/ union is gaining strength. Foxconn’s 12 suicide cases though are irrelevant to the union strike, the boss has promised +20% raise to the workers. This precedence will ripple immensely in China. The immediate impact would trigger living costs and inflation jump high. Let’s see what the government would do next.

Meanwhile, under the global pressure and accusation of manipulating the RMB, China government is expected to appreciate the currency soon.

The soaring production cost is reducing China competition. Could be a good news to other countries, though I doubt the gap would be reduced significantly.