Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I read several resumé recently. This is the first impression I judge on the applicants before conducting interviews. I’m bored to read if it exceeds 2 pages, or the word count was too dense, or not nicely composed. The concise version is sufficient, I’m not interested to know your hobbies, your primary education; don’t like the applicant boasting he/she is highly motivated, a responsible person, a team player, a fast learner… do you expect me to believe what you sell/say? Most of the applicants said they have sound computer knowledge (MS Office), but so far none of the interviewees passed my test. Am going to interview a secretary soon… let’s see how much she can show me on the computer.

Rwanda Development Board (RDB)

Visited RDB yesterday for the first time. This government center counsels and assists investors processing almost all aspects in regards to registration, legal matters, taxation, visa etc. Instead of tackling different ministries and departments separately, this one-stop service organizes most issues under one roof, truly remarkable and efficient. Though not particularly grand, the atmosphere was good and the service was friendly. I didn’t feel the commonly stereotyped bureaucratic arrogance.

This country is awarded world best service in assisting investment recently. I was told RDB is run by an American. Rwanda’s President has a vision to transform this landlocked country to become financial hub of Africa, apparently this is a more feasible idea as it is seriously lacking of natural resources and agricultural possibility on this land of thousand hills.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Party

Another pleasant party was held yesterday. Our director invited a local band to perform live (EUR90 for a night)… many of us had the similar first impression – “You must be kidding!” Our opinion was re-assessed after a while. Reggae, folks, local pops, with a few “remix” version of classic English pieces gradually heated up the atmosphere drawing people to the dance floor.

5 cylinders and a few crates of beers were drained. This was far too much for a crowd of 50 people. Too much was wasted. Some people just didn’t care about it if foods were served free, selfish thought. Jokingly we proposed to issue beer coupons or charged accordingly in the next party. Bet they would lick till the last drop.

The guests were from different levels of social status, the rich businessmen mingled among themselves, while the workers joined their own circle. I didn’t mean to criticize, but the table manner of some workers was really an eyesore.

Many were somewhat intoxicated, I could hardly understand what they talked but I had to pretend concentrating. They poured out their true emotion but mostly non-sensible & illogical.


Shit! Just woke up from siesta, I realized my whole apartment was flooded after the rain. The water was not seeping through the windows but gushed in from the corridor. Water flowed like a mini waterfall from the staircase and the idiotic design of this apartment has equal floor level to the corridor.

The entire ground floor was water soaked. 3 workers from this building cleared the mess. They swept the water out from my bedroom, bathroom and sitting room. The dead insects and worms scattered here and there. Now my apartment was never before sparkling clean.

I worked “so hard” to help them cleaning, the skin on my palm was torn!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lousy Service

The Italian restaurant (also an Irish Pub in the evening) right in front of our office used to be our lunch place during working days. There is no other good restaurant within walking distance.

Last Sat, I ordered a burger. They forgot the order, served after 40 min. I told them nicely to pack and take away.

Yesterday, I ordered carrot juice. 2 flies were found drown in it after I consumed 1/3. I didn’t complain to the boss.

Just now, again they forgot my order. I lost my temper slightly, for sure my face didn’t look friendly. I snapped and told them to pack and take away. The agitating waitress came to my back and apologized softly. Why at my back? They had no idea what’s proper service… I lost my hunger completely.

Back to the office, I calmed down and thought over again, what kind of service should I expect from under developed countries? I should be grateful staying in one of the most friendly places in the continent.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Can't Wait...

Finally the latest novel of Dan Brown - The Lost Symbol was released yesterday. Was trying to order one via just now... but the e-book was already available on the internet for illegal download, unbelievable! But... I can't wait no more...

Thursday, September 10, 2009


999 - the only thing I could recall is the registration no. of my father's green Volvo 240. Couldn't remember when it was bought... should be around 1983. I was the one washing it weekly... This was the last car he drove till 1995. We sold it to our neighbour after his decease.
The car is now parked in their car porch. Mom still peeks a look whenever passing by... too much memory for her.

Saturday, September 05, 2009




Pretty busy lately, works is still not in good order, trying hard to straight up the path. Some changes are being done, to better or worse, can’t see it right now. Fed up to fight and complain, no one would listen anyway, it's useless and helpless. Just do my part to clean up the shit left over by the others.

I look To You – Whitney Houston

A new album of Whitney 7 yrs after her last release. Songs are OK, but lacking of exceptional catchy piece, missing kind of “I will always love you” number… She looks old on the cover, the drug abusive eyes are no longer shining. Anyhow, she is still one of my favourites.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Gambling Lehman Brothers

I bought Lehman’s shares at its height EUR 25 in Apr-08. Ever since the company declared filing bankruptcy protection, the share price tumbled all the way to EUR 0.03 in May this year. I reckoned this stock wouldn’t have any chance to bounce back to EUR 25 level. Thus I gambled to purchase additional units to dilute the average price, hoping someday it would rebound slightly to regain my investment.

Yesterday news announced that Lehman would file USD 100 billion claim to its parent company, this immediately triggered speculation and pushed the share as high as EUR 0.165. I managed to sell off all on my hand at EUR 0.125 today, was so glad to recover complete investment with EUR 90 profit! Ha… I was lucky!

Who knows Lehman’s share would escalate higher in the near future, I wouldn’t risk myself on this company anymore. Maybe I’m missing a chance to make a huge fortune?