Saturday, October 27, 2007

Along The Ridge

This touching Italian movie is lovely. The story is seen through the eyes of the kid. It just reminds me an ex-colleague was in the similar situation. I was staying with his family for a month in Germany 4 years ago. I could feel the bond between the father and 2 sons, and the living situations of a single parent family. I missed them.
Bet you won't have any reason not loving this young actor Alessandro Morace after watching this movie.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Prague – Bits and Pieces


The public transportation network in Prague is excellent. The metro, trams and buses are well linked and punctual to schedule. No difficulties at all to understand the operation. A 15-days unlimited pass costs only €12. The underground metro is quite deep, probably that is the reason vibration is not felt on the surface.

Czech cuisine is quite similar to Germans' – smoked pork, grilled pork knee, potato dumpling etc… of course not to miss the goulash. An average meal in the restaurant costs around €6. There are many Chinese restaurants in the city, offering the cheapest foods (value to money) in general, around €4. A local said, it happened once that the authorities found dog meat in the fridge in a Chinese restaurant, since then rumours were spreading and shaking their trust 'cause they are not sure what is served on the dish.

Likewise in Kyustendil (place where I'm staying presently), many Vietnamese were around in the last decade. My local colleague said ever since their settlement in the town, the amount of stray dogs and cats were reduced drastically… I thought he was joking, probably I could link up both cases. Well, no comment, I never try dog meat.

Czech beers are good.


In the pub, I could feel certain coldness against Asians (not hostile). So as when I was in the shopping mall and railway station, my questions had been responded in Czech language without a hint of smile on their face. I'm quite annoyed to such attitude. Maybe I was wrong, could have categorized them individually instead. During this short trip, I didn't really mingle much with the locals, couldn't judge better the general attitude of Czech to Asians. Don’t get me wrong, my trip was fun and enjoyable, and met many helpful people too.

Snow Clad Mountain

After the overnight raining / snowing, the mountain is coating with snow.
(This picture is taken from my balcony)

First Snow

We have the first snow of this year today... too early... hope this is not the sign of bitter winter. Ohh... please... I hate freezing cold.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Tired... came back from Prague yesterday. Immediately have to plunge my head into the pile of documents rest on my desk. Just feel too lazy to sort out the photos and prepare the travelogue (hope I still remember how to update my Travelogue webpage...)

The country is studded with medieval castles and buildings. The atmospheric Prague is exceptionally beautiful at night, but the tourist crowds are too dense, hardly found any good shot without single tourist decorated the backdrop. After many "woo-and-wah"s, I found myself get lost in the maze of old quarter... and ended up at the famous Charles Bridge... (Remember the scene where Tom Cruise was framed in Mission Impossible?)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Laying Off

We employed a driver last week, a 19 year old young guy who has just accomplished his national service duty. Due to some reasons we have denied his driving capability, he was laid off just now.

This morning I handed over a pair of brand new safety shoes to him, I could see his happiness blossomed. But the moment we announced our decision, a glimpse of upset surfaced. Personally I feel sorry for him, he is lacking of self confidence and fresh to the society. I understand everyone must be given chance to learn and experience new things, somehow working environment is uncompromising. Who would like to be fired? Hope this won't shake his confidence.

He regained his composure, and we shook hands, exchanged a few formal sentences. The feeling was unpleasant for both of us. Good luck boy!


Just a movie preview!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Longing and carrying big hope to recall my childhood's biggest idol, but something has gone wrong somehow. Possibly my expectation was too high, the movie does not satisfy me. The computer graphic is no doubt exciting, but the screenplay is weak. Too much unnecessary comedic touch but not humorous; the relative size of the transformers are varying from one scene to another; civilians were running wild in the midst of battling scenes; the sound effect was not "roaring" or forcefully compact; and and and……

Internet Radio

Well… this is nothing new indeed. But I just come across the idea of searching internet radio recently. Am really excited to tune in listening to the familiar voices. During the university era (1989-1994), the Singapore radio stations accompanied most of us for 5 years (only because Malaysia radio stations were so suck then).

Tuning in to the internet radio is the first thing I do after booting up my computer lately… and of course I occupy the bandwidth… feel a little bit guilty, hehe,… a good example of technology abuse…

The link below displays lists of available radio stations in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.