Monday, October 24, 2011

Global Terrorism

Had an interesting short discussion about the global terrorism with someone, who is now serving the anti-terrorism organization of Indonesia. We briefly talked about the strenuous situation in Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines and Indonesia.

His concerns of Afghanistan might turn out to be the 2nd Somalia, the increasing radical terrorists in Indonesia are alarming, and the chemical weapons might be on the hand of Taliban etc. Unfortunately in the name of human rights, under the pressure of US, the governments are not allowed to deploy military action to sweep clean the contagious area. If this is the so-called “democracy”, this world is going to be demolished in the name of mercy.

I still believe a strongman is very much needed in these countries to help clean up all turmoil. Marcos era indeed has won lots of supports in Philippines till these days. Of course a strongman like Ghadaffi was too selfish to himself, his defeat (killed on 20-Oct-11) eventually emancipated the suppression of the Libyans. But could the country be established and put in an organized manner? These are painful tasks… The disagreement among the tribes would fight for their own benefits. I don’t foresee the country would become another state of outlaw, since the European countries have so much interest with the huge resource of oil and gas. France and UK are laughing now.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Taxi In Jakarta

Have to praise the efficient and relatively cheap taxi service in Jakarta. Used to pick the fleets from BlueBird or Express. Rest of the taxi operators do not provide the consistent standard, judge yourself. BlueBird is slightly more expensive but the cleanliness never failed. I picked once a taxi of an unheard of company. The driver obviously didn’t change the shirt for days, and the car was smelly. It was an unpleasant journey.

The SilverBird with a fleet of Mercedes catered to the higher class customers, at least triple charge. Guarantee comfortable!

Once a while, the driver would like to strike a conversation. With my limited Indonesian I managed to reply a few sentences. Quite fun… a good way to practice my language, mostly touching the social norms, corruptions, my background…

Yesterday I boarded a BlueBird. The driver looks intelligent, not an ordinary driver face. In this 15min drive, I learned that he was an IT engineer, spent 3 yrs in IBM (Sydney), daughter is going to study in Malaysia, he was about to ask for my contact in Malaysia… but forgotten in the last minute.

BlueBird once tried to bid the license in Kuala Lumpur, but failed. Apparently this was a political issue. This company should be a role model for the taxi operators in Malaysia.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Desperate Jobs

In Jakarta, there are many seeking jobs desperately to secure daily living. Some jobs are quite unique that they would please to do for a meager earning.
Jockey – In order to reduce traffic flow and encourage car pooling, the 3-in-1 measure was introduced at several main boulevards. This means min 3 persons in a car during certain hours (except taxi). During rush hours, plenty of people stand along the road pointing out a finger or 2, ready to be picked up by the drivers. The charge is about USD2 per head.
Controller – The traffic in Jakarta is notorious, especially at T-junction or U-turn. Some young guys would volunteer to coordinate the flow to assist the drivers in exchange of appreciation.
Entertainer – Wherever the bus stop, a guy or 2 would jump up the bus with a guitar or musical instruments singing song for entertainment, expecting appreciative tokens from the passengers. Some of them may sing or dance beside the cars waiting in front of traffic light.

Palmistry / Chiromancy

Bought this book of Palmistry probably 11 yr ago. Found it in the cabinet last weeks and read through it. Acc’ to the book, every person’s character and fate are well illustrated on the shape and crisscrossing threads on palm. The author advised to understand own character and fate, and try to find remedy to overcome/ prevent the negative aspects. Does he mean we can change our fate? I don’t know.

The book was too brief to explain the details. I start paying attention on friends’ palms and try to match with the description on this guidebook. Hard to get a clue.

A few days ago, I met a real wealthy person. I noticed his palms – absolutely clear, with dominant threads well defined on palms. Today, I read another palm. Not special, but many broken threads and scattered all over the palms. What does it indicate? I couldn’t tell, but seems to be a worrisome figure.

Other than the threads, the shape of the nails, the softness of hands, thickness and shape of fingers and knuckles… up to the wrist all carry certain indications.

I never show my palms to the “professional” palm reader. I don’t want my faith to be told. I might lose my fighting spirit if I was told positive; likewise I don’t want to worry myself if bad news was anticipated. After all, this palmistry is not scientifically proven – Don’t forget I was a physics student.