Monday, March 31, 2008

Post Election

I have never paid so much attention on Malaysia politics as yet. Since the opposition parties wield power in 6 main states during the recent general election, plenty of actions are taken mainly to investigate the alleged corruption cases of the predecessor. The new state government is trying to shaping up a clean and non bias image. (I doubt how long would this last??)

Though the incumbent party remains ruling the central government, they have been denied the 2/3 majority rights in amending constitution. The losers are excusing themselves for underestimating the power of e-media, but never admit their faults and incapabilities.

While the Prime Minister is painfully restoring and reassuring people the trust on them, defending from the political rivals while facing the growing challenges internally. Those flattering running dogs once kissing his hand are now throwing all hot potatoes to him. A cruel politics!

This Ain't Armani Exchange

Read Carefully!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Paradox - Education

Dutch politician Geert Wilders has put an anti-Islam short clip titled "Fitna" on YouTube, despite opposed sternly by the Dutch government worrying this would trigger another bout of violent protest as of the controversial blasphemous cartoon. The contents stir my emotion. It means to frighten non Muslims by equating terrorization with the religion. This is unfair to those good Muslims.

Our brain and education give us the power to think and judge conscientiously. The irresponsible fanatic evil talk of some leaders have brainwashed and engraved hatreds on the followers, mostly the uneducated crowd… well… education… just thinking aloud… if these fanatic followers are more educated, would there be more 9.11 and Madrid train bombing incidents or the world would achieve greater harmonious state?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Venturing Share Market

The recent subprime crisis has driven almost worldwide financial industry down. The Bear Stearns case caught lots of investors off guard and spurring panic. Majority believe the recession is looming. It is really interesting to follow up the swiftly change development daily.

I have started venturing my first step into the European and US share markets, simply because the prices are really attractive. Most of the global gigantic financial stocks have plummeted from their all time high less than a year ago to less than half presently.

Of course I do not have much money to play with… somehow I guess it would give better return than the pitiful bank interest rates in mid long term (3-5 years, in my definition). Friend D warned me that in case the recession spreads, no one knows what would happen next and might last indefinitely. I agree with that… well, investment is a risk itself. No risk no gain!

I placed myself as a balanced investor… can't cope with the high risk investment tools while not interested with conservative money management. I do not know how to analyze company data… basically follow the trend, pick mainly blue chips, and read the latest relevant news.

Babel Fish

Have just added Babel Fish on this blog. The literal translation is not very good but the basic meaning of the article is understandable, sometimes it's quite hilarious.

Protocol, protocol, protocol…

The bureaucratic system of this country is awfully terrible. We are currently preparing the tax revision for the previous year. The tax officer requested a protocol confirming that our imported materials have been handed over to subcontractor. Well, we prepared the doc to satisfy his needs (we have 50+ shipments, 1 protocol for each shipment!).

Now, he needs other protocols confirming that our subcontractor has handed over to their sub-subcontractors and proof of installation, otherwise he will not approve to release the tax owing to us. Gosh… how many protocols does he want? Real stupid idiotic procedure, senseless!

I reckon this country needs longer period to accommodate themselves to European standards!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Riot in Tibet

The riot in Tibet has attracted world attention lately. The holy city Lhasa has mobs looted and burned the shops. Another holy center Xiahe was infested. Curfew was imposed. Dalai Lama announced he is striving for Tibet independence in "middle way" and in peaceful manner. He vowed to step down if the situation deteriorates. His idea wouldn't be accepted by hot tempered younger generation who believe physical force rules.

Obviously there is no better chance for Tibetans to pressure China authorities to give greater concession. The forthcoming Olympic Games is handcuffing China in certain extent. Foreign influences are said undermining the present situations. Why politics is linked up to Olympic?

"Free Tibet" has been shouted for long by so-called humanitarian and peace organizations. Meanwhile why we don't see much sanctions and punishment to Israel on Palestine issue? Aren't the Palestinians deserved to claim back their land too? Dalai Lama wants to rule Tibet under "1-country-2-systems" model. China rejected the proposal, probably worrying of losing sovereign control and might set precedence to other provinces especially the north western regions.

World politics… developed countries are not willing to see the uprising China or India altering global politics and economy influential map. Likewise, we see the fall of USSR and Yugoslavian in the recent history.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I had planned since a month to have a short vacation in Italy from today for 10 days. I left my town at 3:00am in order to board WizzAir's early 6:00am flight to Rome. I arrived at Sofia Airport on time and checked-in smoothly.

At the passport control, the lady border police scrutinized my passport page by page. She said I couldn't get on board because I do not have the required visa to Italy. To my surprise, I explained with Malaysian passport I can travel to any EU country without visa, proven by my recent visit to Czech and Germany. She showed my documents to her chief, came back and concluded the same statement, said WizzAir refused to take me on board. I tried to explain to her again. She prompted with the arrogant attitude, "I'm the border police." Goodness… she implied that she is judging the rules! Bitch!

At 5:30am, she led me out of the passport control and instructed WizzAir to withdraw my checked-in luggage. I managed to contact Italian Embassy in Malaysia and they confirmed what I said. I conveyed the message to WizzAir check-in counter, but I received another no-intention-to-help response, and she quickly disappeared herself. Bitch!

I went to information desk seeking help… of course helpless. I called again Italian Embassy asking if they could fax any statement to clarify this issue. She apologized for particular reason. Meanwhile the lady border police walked to me and saw me calling someone, she asked with challenging tongue, "What's your problem?" I forwarded my phone hoping that Italian Embassy could convince her. She took over the phone, listened impatiently and insisted sternly a visa is required. Gone… I know it was absolutely helpless now.

I went to the ticket counter, the officer shrugged her shoulders. At 6:00am sharp, the lady border police walked slowly towards me with a phone pressing on her ear. She stopped in front of me and said after checking in detail, Malaysians indeed do not require tourist visa! FXXK! I almost exploded! The plane has just left and she came with this answer. The WizzAir officer made no effort to call or help me on board. Bitch!

The lady border police stood besides me like a pitiful puppy begging for food. "I'm sorry, I'm deeply sorry. Maybe you can change your flight to Sunday." I was abnegating my anger. She spoiled my plan entirely! Furthermore who is going to pay the additional charges of EUR200 to change the air-ticket? And the cancellation charges on my booked accommodation? I felt so sick to see her standing there. Pretended to be a gentleman, I shook her hand and let her go.

I called my local colleague, explained the situation. He was more emotional than me. He fxxked everything concerned with the lousy system. He drove all the way to Sofia to pick me up, and assisted me to file a report to the border police department.… took us almost 6 hrs!

Back to office, I cancelled all my accommodation reservation. Don’t mind to waste the returned air-ticket… just feel like fxxking sick and fxxking frustrated to think about this issue. I don't know when I'll plan to visit Italy next.
As my Client always cynically said, "Welcome to Bulgaria."

Friday, March 14, 2008




Monday, March 10, 2008

Travelogue Updated

Finally made up my mind to update my Travelogue - added Czech and Macedonia and updated Bulgaria, was such a time consuming task. Anyway I'm glad to have it done now.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

General Election

The forthcoming General Election on 08-Mar-08 is heating up nationwide. At this very time most of the sleeping hidden politicians surface and make publicities to draw votes, blaring lots of empty promises and unrealistic visions. Rumours and pamphlets are flying around aim to backstab or unveil the dirty records of opponents. Tons of e-mails congested my mailbox daily.

The election is never clean, I deeply believe still. The dominant ruling parties backed up with strong financial supports have plenty of tricks to increase their votes. Wouldn't be surprised if they will sweep more than 2/3 of the parliament seats to continue their empire.

Opposition parties vow for a change. In fact, the limited votes on hands wouldn't change the status quo. How many politicians are really sacrificing for the country and people? Based on the pitiful salary, almost all ministers are possessing luxurious mansions and cars. How do they generate fortune? Did our anti corruption division able to investigate and sue these crocs? If we succeed to change the government (very unlikely), can we be sure corruption cases will be eliminated / reduced?

Politics and money can't be segregated. How could we attract highly professional candidates to run politics with general low pay? And we can't raise the salary drastically in consideration of various economy factors. The bad cycle continues…