Saturday, November 27, 2010

Trip To Indonesia

Next week, I will travel to Bandung with my family, and will move on alone to other places in Indonesia afterward. No route plan yet, very much depends on the mood then.

Best Actor

The stampede set-off by the bridge collapse at Phnom Penh (Cambodia) 5 days ago caused a death toll of 357 and thousands wounded during a festival which attracted 3 million people from nationwide. The picture of the incumbent Prime Minister Hun Sen with spouse weeping for the tragedy was published on the newspaper the next day. What a great actor. I guessed he didn’t blink an eye during his notorious period in office in the 80’s. His hands were stained with bloods of thousands of political prisoners.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Freedom In Exile

Being a highly respectful and reputable leader to the Tibetans, I guess most of the visitors are definitely interested to study Dalai Lama. This book was first published in 1990, narrating only the superficial history of his life and philosophy, gratefulness to Indian government, struggling to free Tibet. Quite interesting and it arouses sympathy. Somehow there is not any hint to uncover / criticize the mistakes done internally.

Monday, November 15, 2010

India 2nd Trip - Photos

The photos of 2nd India trip have been uploaded to my Travelogue.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I made a day trip with a friend to Muar, a small town in southern peninsular. Things changed in great extend since my last visit 16 years ago. We drove past small villages densely decorated with greens and wooden huts; I learned to appreciate the ancient buildings with rich cultural elements… The small town no longer fit the images etched in my memory - a few pubs, modern buildings, shopping mall, luxurious cars scattered sporadically. Even the local foods tasted differently.

Journey Ends

Frankly I didn’t enjoy much the recent Indian trip. Probably there was no excitement satisfying my “curiosity” (McLeod Ganj was an exception). The general unhygienic environment and the typical arrogant kinda attitude of a handful local people (exerting superiority) were annoying. Anyway, the journey ends now. Very likely I wouldn’t visit India again. Never say never… I still have my heart with the Tibetan refugees and hope to set my feet on Ladakh one day.

p/s: Books are relatively cheap in India. I bought 9 books on this trip.