Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Australia - Bits and Pieces

Have been 2 weeks travelling in Aussie. Well, generally it's fun. Following are some of my opinions on this country.
- Aussie slang is difficult to catch sometimes... especially on the phone. They speak fast and used to cut short the pronunciation.
- The atmosphere is quiet here.., even in Sydney and Melbourne. Relax...
- I was told without working experience in Aussie, it would be difficult to find a job. Being a universal rule, connection sometimes does play vital role.
- Unlike most of the Asian countries, the ordinary family couldn't afford to have a house maid. In this respect, our life at home is lazier.
- When I arrived at Sydney, the weather hit record high 43C. The next day, it dropped to 24C. The diff was too big and too fast!
- The recent bush fire case in Victoria has claimed more than 130 lives. Just thinking aloud, could this be an terrorist act?
- There was a shark attack case reported at Sydney harbour. A diver was mauled in the early morning. A few days later, a surfer was attacked at Bondi Beach in Sydney. I was cautious while having my diving trip on 13-Feb in Cairns. Well.. I saw one (longer than 1.2m), but the shark was shy away.
Well... that's all for now... short of credit for internet surfing.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Leaving to Australia

Leaving tonight to Australia... have no detail planning where to visit in this huge country. Will decide on arrival. The Great Barrier Reef diving is a must!

Monday, February 02, 2009


Have attended the annual ex-coursemates New Year gathering this afternoon. Less than half of us were present. Was really glad to meet again, most of them brought along their spouse and kids… I was the odd case. A few of the ladies even have no sign of aging…

The venue was held at one of the coursemates place. Wow… her house was GRAND. The atmosphere was good. Everyone seemed to be content with their life, happy for them.

We should start planning the upcoming 20 years friendship anniversary gathering in July. Hope all of us could attend the same.