Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Casino vs. McD

Went to the one and only licensed Casino - Genting Malaysia on Saturday late night with friends. My last visit was 11 years ago. Was crowded with gamblers and fortune pursuers. Stacks of colourful chips were placed on the table, voices of cursing surmounted the cheerful acclaims, solemn disappointed expression was hanged on many faces, nauseated cigarette smoke and smell filled the poorly ventilated hall.

Don’t like gambling, don’t like the feeling of losing my hard-earn money. I lost EUR10!!! You know how much it is? I could buy 6.5 sets of McDonald’s lunch time value meal. It means 6.5 cups of cokes, 6.5 packs of fries and 6.5 McChicken!!! Well, you should know that Malaysia has the cheapest McD in the world.


Finally, has purchased the ticket to Myanmar… only 2 weeks, will depart on Fri. I think should be sufficient to scratch the surface of this mysterious land. International sanctions have been imposed heavily over the notorious tyranny government and humanitarian records. It must be interesting to unveil the truth and discover the yet unspoiled culture.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where To Travel Next

Thinking now... where to travel next? North China, Nepal, Taiwan or Bali???

Home Sweet Home

So relax, so cozy to stay at home…eating, eating, eating, torturing my stomach to the limit :)

Have visited a few houses lately, thinking of shifting out in the next months. The landed properties prices have escalated in the speed of supersonic. Initially I thought the idea of getting a bank loan was stupid, I was wrong, the house value appreciates way too fast. I should have bought a house a few years back.

The new houses within city precinct are getting bigger and more luxurious. Wondering if there are so many hidden millionaires in Malaysia or these are acts of speculations? The houses recently visited all have 3 storey, with built up area of 250-400m2!

I will start looking for condominiums, though this is not my preference but I have to compromise with various factors i.e. location, budget, built-up area, facilities etc. This is no easy task.