Monday, July 23, 2007

Islamic State / Secular State

Malaysia society has developed into unprecedented chaotic lately, due to some power eager barking politicians. These bastards intentionally provoke sensitive racial issue to unearth and intensify the fragile relationship in this multi racial society.

The recent announcement of the Deputy PM cited that Malaysia indeed is an Islamic state. What is his intention to bring up this issue while Malaysia is going to celebrate the coming 50th independence anniversary? Being one of the most respectful politicians in Malaysia, his statement for sure receive resonant echo from the fanatic voices. Meanwhile, our PM, as of his common practice, does not interfere to silence the dispute, guess he would let this issue boiling for a longer period. In case of the protest is mild, Malaysia would be crowned as Islamic state officially. Otherwise the present status being recognized as secular state would be remained for a slightly longer term and does no harm to the majority Malay ethnic.

Probably this is another dirty trick of politics to divert the concentration of non ruling parties from the more desperate crucial topics like NEP (New Economy Plan).

2 week ago former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan publicly praised Malaysian government for their efficient effort in managing the multi racial society, which should be consider as a successful model to other countries. He must be blind(folded) and did not see the real event. What should we expect to hear from this Diplomat? If he doesn’t know the background, pls shut up!