Sunday, October 21, 2007

Prague – Bits and Pieces


The public transportation network in Prague is excellent. The metro, trams and buses are well linked and punctual to schedule. No difficulties at all to understand the operation. A 15-days unlimited pass costs only €12. The underground metro is quite deep, probably that is the reason vibration is not felt on the surface.

Czech cuisine is quite similar to Germans' – smoked pork, grilled pork knee, potato dumpling etc… of course not to miss the goulash. An average meal in the restaurant costs around €6. There are many Chinese restaurants in the city, offering the cheapest foods (value to money) in general, around €4. A local said, it happened once that the authorities found dog meat in the fridge in a Chinese restaurant, since then rumours were spreading and shaking their trust 'cause they are not sure what is served on the dish.

Likewise in Kyustendil (place where I'm staying presently), many Vietnamese were around in the last decade. My local colleague said ever since their settlement in the town, the amount of stray dogs and cats were reduced drastically… I thought he was joking, probably I could link up both cases. Well, no comment, I never try dog meat.

Czech beers are good.


In the pub, I could feel certain coldness against Asians (not hostile). So as when I was in the shopping mall and railway station, my questions had been responded in Czech language without a hint of smile on their face. I'm quite annoyed to such attitude. Maybe I was wrong, could have categorized them individually instead. During this short trip, I didn't really mingle much with the locals, couldn't judge better the general attitude of Czech to Asians. Don’t get me wrong, my trip was fun and enjoyable, and met many helpful people too.