Monday, June 02, 2008


The first e-mail popped up on my screen this morning telling me that Tommy has just passed away in Melbourne. I have expected so, but not so soon. My ex-colleague fed me his news regularly. Tumor on the chest and the cancer on the spine were deteriorating fast. Indeed he had planned to initiate treatment today, but… too late. The first diagnose was just 3 months ago.

He was Hungarian descent, lived in UK. He met his present wife in Mexico and was working in Australia till now. We worked together in Philippines (1998) and again in Malaysia (2000) for a short period. A good colleague to work with, and very helpful.

Was thinking to call him the day before, but I just didn't know if he really wants to have some calls, especially we have not been in contact for 8 yrs. I was afraid I would increase his sorrow and pain.