Saturday, December 13, 2008

China Trip

Couldn’t sleep well on the first night (04-Dec-08) back home… too warm.

The next morning, I carried the big black round eye bags to the immigration to renew my passport. The photo was horrible… looks like an inmate.

This morning I have collected my China visa… YES!!!… I’m ready to explore China again. The first 7 days I will accompany my friends, hope they would have chance to experience snowing winter, and I can shoot the winter sceneries of Forbidden City and Great Wall with snow clad.

I will move to the south alone after departing with them. The route is not finalized yet… only a rough plan in mind. Will concentrate mostly on the minority tribes… which means I have to travel to the remote area, expecting less hygienic living environment, and the primitive toilet…

I will depart from GuangZhou on 13-Jan-09. Teddy, can we meet on 11 or 12-Jan?