Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Australia - Bits and Pieces

Have been 2 weeks travelling in Aussie. Well, generally it's fun. Following are some of my opinions on this country.
- Aussie slang is difficult to catch sometimes... especially on the phone. They speak fast and used to cut short the pronunciation.
- The atmosphere is quiet here.., even in Sydney and Melbourne. Relax...
- I was told without working experience in Aussie, it would be difficult to find a job. Being a universal rule, connection sometimes does play vital role.
- Unlike most of the Asian countries, the ordinary family couldn't afford to have a house maid. In this respect, our life at home is lazier.
- When I arrived at Sydney, the weather hit record high 43C. The next day, it dropped to 24C. The diff was too big and too fast!
- The recent bush fire case in Victoria has claimed more than 130 lives. Just thinking aloud, could this be an terrorist act?
- There was a shark attack case reported at Sydney harbour. A diver was mauled in the early morning. A few days later, a surfer was attacked at Bondi Beach in Sydney. I was cautious while having my diving trip on 13-Feb in Cairns. Well.. I saw one (longer than 1.2m), but the shark was shy away.
Well... that's all for now... short of credit for internet surfing.