Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Casino vs. McD

Went to the one and only licensed Casino - Genting Malaysia on Saturday late night with friends. My last visit was 11 years ago. Was crowded with gamblers and fortune pursuers. Stacks of colourful chips were placed on the table, voices of cursing surmounted the cheerful acclaims, solemn disappointed expression was hanged on many faces, nauseated cigarette smoke and smell filled the poorly ventilated hall.

Don’t like gambling, don’t like the feeling of losing my hard-earn money. I lost EUR10!!! You know how much it is? I could buy 6.5 sets of McDonald’s lunch time value meal. It means 6.5 cups of cokes, 6.5 packs of fries and 6.5 McChicken!!! Well, you should know that Malaysia has the cheapest McD in the world.