Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bangkok Red Light District

(This photo was extracted from internet.)

I flew over to Bangkok last Friday to meet friends from Bulgaria, was glad to meet them after more than 2 years, though we only managed to meet for an evening. Apparently they were not those nightlife-adventurous tourists :) I proposed to visit the notorious red light district Patpong after dinner. 7 of us in a row – me, and 3 Bulgarian couples. I first guided them walking through the gay street. They could see the almost naked boys with tiny brief dancing on the stage in the heart-pounding pop music through the open doors. 2 ladies obviously were agitated when the pimps and the young boys tried to drag them into their bar. We all left hurriedly.

I led them to the opposite street full of lady go-go bars and sex shows. Again, through the open doors, we saw many young ladies in their sexiest appearance dancing and flirting on the stage. Pimps approached and recommended the Tiger (Thai Girl) show. I explained in advance the disgusting performance they might see. 2 couples surrendered and left to their hotel instantly. 1 couple left and we explored the show.

We walked up to a bar named “Super Pussy”… the name itself was not inviting at all but absolutely matching the performance. Once we found our seats, 6-7 ladies flocked to us and right away asked us to buy them a drink. Before we realized what was going on, 5 cups of cokes were already placed on our table. I called a “stop” immediately for the rest despite the relentless begging from them. A bill was brought to me stating a total of USD83 for 8 drinks!!! I questioned that I was told each drink costs USD3.3 as shown on the menu. The waitress flipped over the menu, it was stated that the USD10 for the first drink and USD3.3 for the subsequent order. We were cheated! Shit! Anyway, I had expected so :)

None of the performers was pretty, and too old. They performed disgusting shows and stunts that I could hardly stare at them. Meanwhile the lady sat on my left kept massaging my thigh and flashing her boobs to me, expecting a tip. I gave USD3.3 to shoo her off instead.

We left after half an hour, laughing and shaking our heads for both amazement and disappointment. What an experience to my Bulgarian friends! I wouldn’t like to visit such venue in future!