Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Palmistry / Chiromancy

Bought this book of Palmistry probably 11 yr ago. Found it in the cabinet last weeks and read through it. Acc’ to the book, every person’s character and fate are well illustrated on the shape and crisscrossing threads on palm. The author advised to understand own character and fate, and try to find remedy to overcome/ prevent the negative aspects. Does he mean we can change our fate? I don’t know.

The book was too brief to explain the details. I start paying attention on friends’ palms and try to match with the description on this guidebook. Hard to get a clue.

A few days ago, I met a real wealthy person. I noticed his palms – absolutely clear, with dominant threads well defined on palms. Today, I read another palm. Not special, but many broken threads and scattered all over the palms. What does it indicate? I couldn’t tell, but seems to be a worrisome figure.

Other than the threads, the shape of the nails, the softness of hands, thickness and shape of fingers and knuckles… up to the wrist all carry certain indications.

I never show my palms to the “professional” palm reader. I don’t want my faith to be told. I might lose my fighting spirit if I was told positive; likewise I don’t want to worry myself if bad news was anticipated. After all, this palmistry is not scientifically proven – Don’t forget I was a physics student.