Thursday, November 03, 2011

Hair Wash & Massage

My boss is always busy, have not been talking with him for a month. Yesterday he grabbed me to a saloon in order to have a chance to chat in the car. I needed to know the development of this project recently as well as his planning.

We came to this small saloon that he frequented. A young slim tightly dressed fairly good looking lady did my hair wash, followed with head, shoulder and back massage. Frankly I was not familiar to such service but to show respect and casual. Obviously my behavior was a little rigid and I didn’t understand their colloquial terms, they could justify I was a newbie to such venue.

While massaging my head, we chatted casually about my job, her backgrounds, travelling etc. Of course my African pictures always triggered curiosity and questions. Not to discrediting the lady, her skill was crude (she learned by experience), facial massage was unprofessional, the shampoo and facial cleanser were cheap… she pressed hard on my temple till I cried pain. My temples were still sore this morning.