Monday, January 15, 2007


If I’m not mistaken, Quran stated that Muslims are not allowed to renounce their religion, the apostasy is punishable by death according to some Muslim scholars. In Malaysia it is often defined Malay ethnic as Muslim, and non Muslim must convert to Islam if they want to marry a Muslim.

There is a case of a female, born a Muslim, has converted her religion. She has been facing tough procedures and critics for years on demanding her new name and new religion to be edited on the identity card. The case is being appealed to the court.

Malaysia’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion, while in parallel the Sharia court is handling personal law such as divorce, child custody and inheritance of Muslims. The decision of the federal court is pivotal to resolve the paradox of religious freedom. It will set up a precedent if she succeeds.

The conservative Muslim groups condemned fiercely while the threats to the lady and her lawyers were circulated by the fanatics. This issue would not echo if it is a case of converting to Islam.