Monday, January 22, 2007

The Queen

Through the accident of Princess Diana in 1997, the movie reveals the response of the private chamber of Royal family. I know very little about the monarchy. How much fact we could believe from this fictional account of real event?

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned as The Queen of the UK in 1952, age 26, when her father passed away for health sake. It was definitely no easy task for the Princess. The movie defends her sacrifice and love to her people, but it portraits an image of non-decisive and lacking of own firm view.

- Prince Philip seems to be the most selfish guy in the movie, like a parasite to the Royal family.

- Obviously the director is depicting a totally different image of Prince Charles - soft hearted, loving the late Princess Diana… but not our familiar “tasteless” (his choice of Camilla) Prince of Wales.

- Michael Sheen failed to impress / present us the unique charm of PM Tony Blair, and I missed the beautiful British accent.

The movie is not really fascinating but the clips of Diana documentary are mesmerizing. Of course Helen Mirren’s performance is remarkable!