Sunday, February 18, 2007

14-Feb-07 Scenes at Skopje’s Alexander The Great Airport

- A small boy was screaming loud when the airport security instructed the mother to remove the toy pistol from his baby knapsack.

- A mother with 3 young kids came to the waiting hall. She broke down and wept, barely caught anyone else attention. From her muddy PVC shoes, simple hairdo and inexpensive clothing, I could figure out her living background. The eldest daughter has a bunch of beautiful curly long blond hair and the 2 younger sons are wearing energetic handsome boyish look with big blue eyes. Their shirts are clean and the nails are tidy. They behaved well and never upset other passengers. I stared at the blue eyes, was thinking possibly my kids would have the same if I marry a Caucasian?

p/s: It’s Valentine’s Day but found no one on the plane to flirt with.