Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Renouncing Religion

An article on the newspaper reported that about 2000 Hindus renouncing their religion and converted to Buddhism in a mass ceremony in Mumbai last Sunday. The fact is that these people are categorized as low-caste Hindus according to the traditional biased social system.

Apparently the main idea of this conversion does not imply that Buddhism teaching is more convincing but it has been used to abandon their "low-caste" status in Hindu society, of which being an obstacle in their living – education, job application, marriage etc. Pathetically
religion has been abused / wrongly used to fight for human rights.

On 14-Jan-07, I have posted an article concerning a case of a Muslim renouncing Islam in Malaysia. Today the Federal Court dismissed her appeal to remove the wording "Islam" on her identity card. The Judge cited that this case should be handled and approved by Syariah Court instead.

Malaysia's constitution stated freedom of belief to the citizens, obviously this clause does not apply to Muslims. Should I be pleased to be granted this priceless spiritual "freedom"?