Saturday, December 01, 2007

More Rallies

Shortly after the BERSIH Rally held on 10-Nov-07 to campaign for electoral reform, another HINDRAF Rally was organized by the suppressed Hindu Community on 25-Nov-07 to voice out their dissatisfaction. 3 leaders were arrested and charged under the Sedition Act.

Malaysian prime minister obviously felt shaky and uneasy, sternly warned that the government will use the notorious
ISA (Internal Security Act) on the demonstrator if needed. The government controlled media sharply criticized the HINDRAF Rally, the spokesman publicly referred the protestors as thugs. One clever politician said rally is not Malaysia culture. Idiotic talk!

Another 3 massive rallies are planned to show up in Dec. These waves would be getting stronger each time. Guess the recent rallies have brought Malaysian to international attention. I don't believe/ expect the government would change anything which may jeopardize their privileges and benefits. I guess they would speed up to consolidate their political supremacy so to eliminate any opposition for good.