Thursday, January 17, 2008


After visiting National Park, I bought a ticket to Krabi (Thailand) for sun and beach. I made a dive near Phi Phi Island (am trying to dive at least once a year to refresh and practice diving skill), was so glad that I could manage myself fairly well in the water. It was truly amazing to be surrounded by school of fishes. Sadly quite a large extent of corals is dead, leaving the dull grayish dead corals lying on the seabed - the consequence of tourism exploitation.

Compare to Phuket, Krabi is no doubt having nicer beach, but smaller, more expensive, night life is dull, less choice of night entertainment (ahem… whatever means…) I was planning to try rock climbing, but the lousy agent failed to organize without informing me in advance. It left me a reason to return to Thailand again next time.

After spending a couple of days under the sun, I'm satisfied with the tan reddish (lightly sunburned) skin colour. I enjoyed this trip greatly!