Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Germany Trip

Just came back from Germany to visit ex-colleagues. Was a pleasant trip though facing minor problem at Munich Airport on arrival. The young immigration officer was not so polite, though not rude, while checking my passport. Felt like being treated as 2nd class people. He asked for return ticket, traveling program, invitation letter etc. My annoyance was growing and I threw back a question to him, "For visiting a friend?"

I used to visiting Germany almost yearly since 1995, have never been interrogated as such. He ordered me to stand aside until finished examining rest of the travelers' doc. At last he flipped through each page of my passport scrutinizing under the light and hoped to find a hint of fake detail. After stamping my passport I grabbed it away without saying "thank you".

It was nice to meet ex-colleagues again, exchanging news and sharing stories, though the time was slightly too short.

Also visited
Cathedral of St. Peter in Regensburg and Walhalla.