Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Live For The Others

Colleague B was asking me how many years more I plan to work abroad. I replied, if only for myself I would plan to retire in the next years, but the actual situation at home might defer my plan. I'm glad to help my family members so to ease their burden. On the other hand, I have to be cautious not to let them over dependent on me.

I'm still single, no plan to get married, till now. Am reluctant to commit myself to someone. Friends said this is love, is blessing… I should have learned to appreciate. Maybe they are right but the responsibility is enormous. 2 people staying together, trust and understanding have to be fostered, and sacrifice to fit each other. I know my stubbornness and chauvinistic character could hardly compromise. (Or I'm too afraid?)

A friend is encountering this problem lately. I don't know what to say but giving these "theoretical" advice. Hope they could solve this crisis rationally and develop a stronger bond to walk abreast continually.