Wednesday, May 28, 2008


The oil price hit record high USD 136!!! Despite President Bush's personal begging to Saudi's King Abdullah, OPEC has no intention to increase output to sooth the crisis which leads to subsequent global inflation effect. OPEC said the culprit is the oil price speculation in the capitalism system, and blamed the weakness of USD. The oil reserve is dwindling faster than we expect, alternative energy resources are urgently sought.
The idea of bio-diesel was aggravated but it spurred food price escalation. So, now what? Coal generates pollution, hydro and wind power are limited by geographical conditions, solar technology is not efficient though… nuclear is the good resource, but the waste disposal is a tricky subject. Scientists have no solution to handle the threats of nuclear waste and radiation economically, swiftly and effectively.
Iran, the crowned "axle of evil" by the US, is aggressively developing nuclear technology, giving developed countries sleepless nights. Can't imagine what President Ahmadinejad would do once the country possessed matured nuclear technology. Coupled with the country's immense oil reserve, this Arab country will stir the world.