Tuesday, May 27, 2008


News reported that the gulf of repelling immigrant sentiment is spreading in Italy lately. The illegal immigrants have been accused for social disorder. "Coincident" in line with the policy of new Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who suggests stricter immigration control.
Similar cases but more violent were also ignited in South Africa last week. The locals blamed the foreign immigrants mainly from Zimbabwe and Mozambique have stolen their job opportunities by cheaper wages. The locals are demanding higher pay, more benefits but reluctant to contribute more competitive effort. Who should be blamed? In the mid of worsening economy and hiking inflation, small group of right-wing hard-hitting grassroots level would channel their anger and disappointment on someone else.
Camden, a small town on the outskirt of Sydney has voted against the proposal to build a Muslim school for 1200 pupils. The proposal has drawn fierce oppositions and critics from the locals, obviously felt uneasy with and fear of Islamization on their land. They claimed no sense of economical or education needs in the small town. The mayor stressed that the decision was not made on religious or nationalistic grounds.