Sunday, July 13, 2008

Product Image

Adidas China 2008 Beijing Olympics commercial is a successful idea, aptly address the integrity and unity that China wants the idea to be broadcasted worldwide. At the end of the commercial, it prints Adidas' slogan "Impossible Is Nothing".

It reminds me the similar slogan of China's largest sport apparel company – Li Ning, apparently "inspired" by Adidas and it reads "Everything Is Possible".

Li Ning's logo design
is based on its own initial letters L and N, quite similar to Nike's trademark.

What is so difficult for Li Ning to come up with its own genuine image or idea? For foreigners, this is just a copycat without own identity. Personally I won't buy Li Ning's products just because the brand image gives me the impression of 2nd class.

I have also noticed the name of the sponsors printed on the jerseys of China sport teams - BIGGG! guess they are afraid no one could read it clear. It's fathomable for advertisement sake, but the design of the logo is quite ugly and not artistic. They are still not aware of these trivialities would promote public image.