Saturday, September 20, 2008

Damn Lehman & AIG

The recent financial storms are staggering… Lehman Brothers filed bankruptcy, the turnabout rescue of AIG by the Fed, the merger of Lloyds and HBOS, Russia stock market shut for 3 days after plunge, Morgan Stanley is in talks to sell part of its stakes… any one of these news would have shattered the financial industry in the normal days, but they all happened concurrently within a week.

To prevent the disastrous financial turmoil worsening, US swiftly introduce measures to rescue the teetering global markets, with Central banks inject huge capital to reinstate the confidence of the investors. Major share markets bounced back today, how long would it last? If the root problems are not tackled, the effect would fade soon.

The present financial system has to be monitored and controlled, short selling should be curbed. The share market is not a safe heaven for investment, but a huge gambling pool instead.

Damn Lehman & AIG… made me lost in my investment!