Monday, September 01, 2008

Waiting For A Change

The return of Anwar to the politics on 26-Aug-08 and becoming the leader of the opposition coalition (People’s Justice Party) has granted him a step forward to topple the incumbent government. While the ruling party (mainly UMNO) is nervously holding their seats tight, the Prime Minister still couldn’t control his dogs giving racist talk publicly of which dangerously humiliating the Chinese ethnic and destabilizing the social integrity. It definitely aggravates more hatred to the government!

Anwar vows to seize power on 16-Sep, 2 weeks from now. Most likely the PM won’t hand over the power easily, reckon he would dissolve the parliament and push for another election again (last election was 08-Mar-08). This option will be both time consuming and costly, of course eventually paid by the civilians’ tax.

I’m waiting for a change… to better or worse, no one could tell, but at least the government has to understand the meaning of democracy.