Thursday, October 23, 2008

Formula 1 – Superb Ideas!

I’m not a big fan of Formula 1, but just enjoy the crowd when making jokes with colleagues. There is not a team or driver I like particularly. Since most of the people support Ferrari and Schumi (ok, he has retired), naturally I have to support the opponent to demise the red team spirit. Good that Hamilton (McLaren team) is leading by 7 points on the driver championship now.

I couldn’t figure out how F1 hypnotize the diehard. It’s not a sport in my opinion, just a driving race circling the circuit for 50ish rounds. I do agree the drivers need extreme high concentration… what else? The same title and function, the F1 driver could earn astronomical figure, while the ordinary taxi and bus drivers are making pitiful.

After watching Malaysia has the first F1 circuit in South East Asia, of course Singapore “must” also have one with a good idea of night race. I felt like being cheated by Singapore F1 organizer. Why? They advertise “night race”, I was expecting the race should be run in pitch black environment… that would be damn exciting! In fact the street race was brightened up like day time.

I wish any Africa country would organize a safari race in future… imagine a school of elephants cross the track, the cheetah or leopard jumping out suddenly biting off the hands, chasing by the raged buffaloes… hmm… exciting… more exciting than rollercoaster.