Thursday, October 16, 2008


On 04-Oct-08, we arranged a gathering for all of our staffs in a local restaurant. It was fun… of course after some drinks it was getting wilder… Unexpectedly a journalist from local tabloid came in and made a short brief interview. This is the report…


The team of Mr.Hans-Dieter Spiegel from company SAG chose to chill out at Pizzeria “Bordeaux”. The representatives of the management personnel who are coming from different places all over the world were noisy and happy and they have proved that who can work hard also can have a glorious fun.

Teoh from Malaysia was the attraction of the party with the complicated steps and movements on the dance floor. For him they say that he is the brain of the German company. He is not married and he is looking for a Kyustendil girl who will fascinate his tender soul.

Bart from Scotland in a distinguished way gentlemanly made advances to the female attendance of the table.

The owner of the elite restaurant Emiliyan Angelov was looking for the comfort of his elite guests in a skilfull and professional way.