Sunday, March 22, 2009

Australia – Canberra

I had only allocated 2 days in Canberra. The weather was pretty sunshine but windy and chilly.

After checking in at hostel, I rushed to the National Gallery of Australia immediately. Just on time to join the free informative guided tour. The collections were broad and great, she explained how to appreciate the beauty of different types of art pieces - the impressionist paintings of Monet, abstract painting of Picaso, indigenous arts, modern arts, sculptures… too bad photographing is not allowed.

The next day, I spent most of my time in the National Museum of Australia. The building itself is a beautiful art piece. The design is complex and colourful. The museum has integrated high tech and entertaining elements to present the history and exhibits. It was an enjoyable venue.

Obviously Canberra has been neglected by many tourists, but both museum and gallery mentioned above are worth for a visit.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was “camped” in front of the Old Parliament House, established on Australia Day, 26-Jan-1972, as a protest against the denial of land rights and self determination of the aborigines. It tends to remind the world that Australia still has much to do in regard to reconciliation, land rights and fair treatment of its indigenous people.