Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Reader

It began with a story between a boy and a matured lady twice his age… fell in love despite the gap. Michael Berg read her stories before making love, Hanna requested so. She was ashamed of her illiteracy and given up chances to be promoted, she changed jobs and eventually worked as a guard in Nazi camp.

Michael was confused and heartbroken when Hanna disappeared suddenly. It was years later when he, a law student then, attended a war crime trial, Hannah was the defendant. Afraid to disclose her illiteracy, she admitted the war crime and was sentenced life prison… Michael’s tears dropped, but he chose to stay in the dark.

Undecidedly, Michael came to the prison when he was informed she would be discharged soon. The grey haired Hanna was overjoyed to see the “kid”, she grabbed his hand, but Michael responded coldly. Probably she thought their love had vanished and was worrying about the uncertainties in the future, she hanged herself in the prison by stepping on the books, left Michael regretful and sorrow…

A wonderful movie…

p/s: my opinion... It was Hanna’s initiation to seduce Michael. She said she wouldn’t look at Michael’s naked body but she was staring. And she stripped herself off for Michael. He was the victim.