Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Exclusive Interview President Kagame

CNN broadcasted an exclusive interview with Rwandan President Paul Kagame. The questions of Amanpour focused on the alleged unequalled political rights, genocide, press freedom etc. all sort of “prejudiced” opinions from the outside world. President Kagame tried to give a clear statement of his country’s status quo, I doubt most of the audiences would be convinced. Indeed this is a rather safe country to live in, otherwise UN wouldn’t plan to shift its regional head quarter to this country.

Amanpour asked, does reconciliation (after 1994 genocide) need an authoritarian hand? President Kigame didn’t provide a straight answer, said a clear mind is needed. My opinion is – DEFINITELY. In fact the incumbent government is trying hard to impose a disciplined and fairly democratic system. I believed all poor and underdeveloped countries need strong hands to keep the nation integrated and functioning.

Repeatedly President Kagame advised the host not to judge certain issue based on the statement of a handful people, the voices of the 11 million should be listened instead. I think he was too diplomatic to tell Amanpour to do her homework before accusing blindly the country’s policies.

The interview was too short to address the problems in the country. I think it’s rather an advertisement of Rwanda to clear misconceptions to foreign countries.