Monday, March 08, 2010

Foreign Labours

Malaysia imported lots of foreign labours for the jobs they dislike to involve in, mainly the construction and plantation industries, and restaurant service sector. In the early stage, our narrow minded government opened the market mostly to Indonesians because of religion sake. After some years of residency, these immigrants were given a PR status, followed by citizenship. This was the tactic to increase the percentage of Muslim in Malaysia within the shortest period so to weigh up the political influence. Comparatively, other countries offered citizenship to the brilliant mind so to improve the quality of the country, but our stupid politicians apparently had no such vision.

The economy downturn and fear of terrorism have forced several European countries tightening their immigrant policy. The elimination of African illegal immigrants in southern Italy, the ban of burqa in France, and the prohibition of constructing minarets in Netherland have triggered protests.