Sunday, November 11, 2007

BERSIH rally

The BERSIH rally was successfully executed yesterday despite some clashes due to forceful disperse by the anti-riot police squad. It was quite a peaceful procession somehow. The memorandum called for free and just elections was handed over to the King. As instructed by the National Security Division, all local mainstream media have had information blocked, but don’t forget the public can retrieve the news through many other channels. Webpage Malaysiakini has some reports and photos of this petition assembly.

The Prime Minister condemned the stubbornness of the opposition parties, and their attempt to drag the royalty into the politics. Warned that this attempt will jeopardize the stability of the country by all means. He announced, "I DON’T LIKE TO BE CHALLENGED!"

Our dear ruling party vows to lead Malaysia into developed country, but they want all citizens to be their puppets. The International Trade Minister said our continue support to the ruling party is the only way to keep Malaysia economy growing. I decipher she means hers and her cronies' wallet too.

Led by the former deputy PM, Anwar Ibrahim, together with the leaders of main opposition parties, the rally may mark a revolutionary history on Malaysian people's power. Anwar was ousted by Dr.Mahathir during his term, and is now seen as the most challenging opposition figure to the government.

Just would like to advise our PM, the politics' policies are not fair in the eyes of the public. Do chain your dogs tight and shut their barking! This rally gathered 40,000 people, the next would not be less.