Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Euthanasia is a practice of killing someone painlessly in order to stop their suffering when they are dying or incredible illness.

An article on the newspaper says there are two voluntary euthanasia groups ('Exit' and 'Dignitas') in Switzerland assisting people to die painlessly. The patients wish to take their own lives must have expressed a persistent wish to die, be of sound mind, suffer from an incurable disease and carry out the final act themselves.

I do support to legitimize this practice. When one is suffering serious illness which would not be cured, and/ or the illness might cause permanent disability to live like ordinary people, and/ or etch permanent mental depressions and confidence damage… urging one to depart from this world, but too coward to commit suicide through the "common practice" (sorry to use this word), euthanasia is the choice.

I don't know what religion says about committing suicide, equivalent to crime, I guess. Nothing is absolutely right or wrong, it is relativity. Every person is unique, not one philosophy fits all otherwise we wouldn't have so many wars in the history.

p/s: Those suffering lovesick or love ache and stupidly seeking to end their life emotionally will not be entertained. Pls consult Armin Meiwes.