Saturday, November 17, 2007

Planeta Payner Disco

Went to the newly opened disco in this small town yesterday. Nicht schlecht! At least this one looks like a proper disco with dancing pool. We just enjoyed watching the skin-tight ladies shaking their bon-bon with the deafening beat and rhythm. Young people like to show off, dressing up trendily and posing stylishly, but acting childishly (just recalled my silliness 20 years ago!)

The admission is unbelievable expensive - EUR 1 per person (haha…) I paid EUR 10 for a bottle of wine and a glass of Ouzo. Pretty cheap eh?! Most of the youngsters have only a bottle of coke or a glass of vodka to quench their thirst throughout the night. We were hoping some foxy ladies walking pass and ask, "Can you buy me a drink?" Guess I wouldn't let them down… but this dream didn't come true.