Sunday, January 10, 2010

Burj Khalifa

Formerly known as Burj Dubai, the 828m world’s present highest building officially opened on 04-Jan-10. It’s more iconic rather than realistic. This money burning project doesn’t look so unique, the structure design is not innovative, lacking the elegance of Petronas Twin Towers, can’t beat the gravity defying idea of Beijing’s CCTV building… only tallness is about. For this height, not much can be done on the slim structure.

I’m curious if one would feel swinging on the top floor? How could rescue work be done in case of fire or emergency case? How much energy is wasted to flush the toilet alone? How much time and cost is needed to clean the dust off the glass?

A friend said, it would be a good exercise if you recall leaving the house key on your office desk when you are at the car park!