Sunday, January 03, 2010

New Year Watching Movies

Did nothing but just staying at home watching the following films.

Surrogates – Quite an interesting futuristic idea, story was simple, Bruce Willis was no longer an invincible hero. Not bad to kill time.

Inglorious Basterds – Germans wouldn’t like to watch this movie. The character of the Jews Hunter – Col. Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz) was impressive, but Brad Pitt was overacting. So-so…

Where The Wild Things Are – Stopped after 15 min, it was for the kids.

This Is It – The final tribute to MJ, composed largely of the footage of his final concert rehearsal. The film was only presenting the MJ’s dedication to his music, not a hint of any negative element. The choreography was beautiful, that’s what I like most of this documentary.