Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bangkok Riot

The month-long “Red Shirts” protest has eventually turned riot on Saturday. The supporters of the exiled ex-Prime Minister Thaksin stormed the parliament and several governmental buildings earlier demanding resignation of present Prime Minister Abhisit and re-election. The government declared state of emergency on 07-Apr, and deployed tactics to dismiss the crowds. When the dispute heated up, violence followed.

People’s power is forceful, but could be ruined by a handful of people who has other intention. Who knows the terrorists in the southern Thailand are taking chance to mess up the situation to achieve their own goals? Who knows there are huge mobs waiting to loot the banks and shops?

The persisting tabulating political situation has tarnished the confidence of investors and tourists. If “Red Shirts” would win from this protest, you can’t be sure the equally strong opposition “Yellow Shirts” would organize the similar protest again to fight for their interest.